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Different Ways on How to Make Money Blogging

Here are different ways to make money while blogging. 

Wait. Before you quit your day job, consider these first.

Blogging became very popular nowadays, not just because people love to share what they know. It also skyrocketed due to the fact that there is a big potential to earn passive income.

Passive income is a kind of earnings that needs little or no effort. That is why it is called passive. However, before you can turn your blog into a source of a passive income, you have to put huge amount of effort into it. You cannot build it in just one night. Moreover, it takes a lot of planning and execution of this plans to progress.

1. Affiliate Marketing 

It is a type of marketing arrangement wherein  a company or business pays commision to a website or individual for every sale or referral.
Here are some of the most common companies that has affiliate marketing program for you to look at. 

     Amazon Associate
     Click Bank
     CJ affiliate
     ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
      Fiverr affiliate Program
      Hosting Affiliate Programs like           Bluehost,   Siteground, GoDaddy, etc.
      ShareASale Network

Always remember that each company has their own system or program in terms of payment. Some pays higher than the other. They also differ in payout time or threshold.

2. Monetization 

Monetizing your blog is one of the easiest way to earn passively. However, there are so many things to consider before you can earn. First, you need to apply your blog and wait for approval. Second, after you got approved, you should always promote your blog to generate lots of organic traffic to actually earn significant amount. 
Having advertisements in your blog might ruin its overall appearance. You should be careful where to place them (consider the viewability of the ads to generate impressions).

   MediaNet– It is a company that promotes contextual ads. It means that their ads depend on what the viewer/user is looking for. If you have a search history about photography, for example, and you visited a blog Monetizing with media.net, the advertisements in that page will be all about photography.

   Google Adsense-It is one of the most common in terms of Monetizing your blog. Owned by Google, it is one of the biggest if not the biggest in the field. Earning online with adsense is one way to have a passive income. However, you need to meet their terms before you get approved just like other monetization companies.
Read this to learn more about getting approved by Google Adsense.

   Ads Traget

   AdThrive– One of their requirement is to have 100,000 page views per month. It is quite a requirement but I believe you can earn more from this one. If you actually have this amount of traffic, you can have a good time earning passively. In addition, the blog should be connected to Google analytics.

   Chitika– It is known as a Google Adsense substitute. You can have your payment every month if you earn at least 10 USD or you can request for a 50 USD check.

3. Digital Products

Creating your digital products like ebooks, printable, planners, etc. and selling them is also a way to earn money online. This may require effort and some of your time. However, it does not require very technical knowledge. You can just put your own planner or anything you use in your blogging into an actual product that can help others. For example, you have a systematic way to create an article or a blog post. Earn money online by creating a template that follows this system of yours. 
Creating an online product is a one time effort. After you have done creating it, just put it online (in your blog) and just wait for someone to need it. You may write a blog post about it so that you can promote it. If people reading your blog saw its worth and usefulness, they will purchase it and it could be a good passive income. 

4. Online Courses

Unlike digital products, online courses can be sold at a higher price range. It can also be more marketable due to the ease of use. Here, they can have the personal interaction with you. The level of understanding is higher in a video unlike in ebooks. 
There are so many online courses out there that are actually making money online in a passive manner. They create the course, upload, and earn while doing other things. 
Some online courses are about programming, videography, photography, cryptocurrency, and Blogging. If it so happened that you are not knowledgeable in most of these stuffs, then make a course that you know well. For example, you know about urban gardening, talk about it. Maybe you finished a course in business administration so make a course about a certain topic within that niche. 
Even though there are courses that is the same with the topic you know, you still can make a course about it. Remember that everyone has their own style and knowledge. Who knows, maybe what you know is more vital and practical than others.

Establishing your blog to earn money. 

Before you earn money through blogging, there are certain things to be done. Thus, careful or should I say, strategic planning is required.
Earning through your blog should be considered since day one of blogging. From the beginning of creating your blog, you have to set your strategy.

Here are the things you must do in establishing your blog to earn money. 

1. Consider your niche. 

This means that you should be clear about your niche from day 1 and stick to it until forever. Be sure that you know it very well and you love to share this knowledge. You can also consider whether there are more things you do not know and would love to know in the future. Also consider if there are possible market in this topic. However, it is still your passion about this niche as the biggest part to be considered. 

2. Determine your target audience. 

It is necessary to identify them by age classification and from what country they are from. These factors can help you in creating appropriate contents. Content should match with your audiences’ interests. 

3. Consistency in your blog posts. 

Be consistent. Be it the regularity of posting or the style and quality of each posts. Posting regularly creates a good ranking in search engines. An active blog posting in a regular basis is prioritised by search engines because it gives an impression that it is the latest and most reliable answer. However, you should also be working on your SEO. 

4. Search Engine Optimization or SEO. 

A simple explanation for this is that you need to be searchable. People look for answers in search engines, then search engines provide the answers. You should be in that answers list to be able to generate traffic and earn money. Here is a detailed discussion about SEO for blogs

5. Blog appearance. 

Everyone loves organized and simple things. Might as well adopt it with your blog. If the blog is professional – looking, it is more likely to earn money.

6. Marketing techniques. 

Blogging is like selling. You sell information about the topic. If you sell it well, most likely you have a higher chance of convincing the readers to buy. 
It is also necessary to use social media tools in promoting your blog. Make an Instagram account to post photos and or images from your blog to establish followers. Create an FB page and join groups within your niche. Use Pinterest to generate organic traffic. 
Marketing is an essential factor to consider as it determines the amount of potential customer. 

7. Study every possible option to earn money online. 

Learn how to use each programs and ways to earn money. Weigh the pros and cons. Look for the one or combinations that could work perfectly to your blog. You can use all of them but you might work harder than earning more. My advise is to choose one in monetization and one in affiliate marketing. That could be a good start. Then if you gain confidence and more technical know how, try creating an online curse or a digital product. It is really up to you. 
Earning money online is a dream for most and a reality for some. All we need to do is push a little more work and a lot of patience. Believe me, passive income is achievable. 
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