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Free Way to Determine Google Keyword Search Volume

Free Way to Determine Google Keyword Search Volume

Google keyword search volume is very critical in every blog post. Determining the keyword that is widely searched can provide tons of opportunity to boost a blog’s traffic. Any word could be a keyword but the competition in this keyword should also be determined. What is the point in having the best keyword, considering the Google keyword search volume only, if your site is way beyond the top 10? Always put into consideration on how to rank on the top of each Google search.

If you don’t know what keywords are and why should we use keywords to help us in SEO, this article of mine might help you. Just click the link below to learn more about SEO and keywords:

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What exactly is Google keyword search volume?

Every person who can access the internet has their own interests or questions they wanted to be answered in the World Wide Web. This person will type in a certain keyword or a key-phrase that is related to their concerns. Then, a bunch of articles will be listed as a search result. Though, every person is somewhat different most shares the same interests and likes. Collectively, these similarities could be visible on how they search for it online. There are certain words or phrases that people use in Google search. These words or phrases are generally called keywords. Imagine the amount of people doing search in the web using the same keywords. The accumulation is called search volume.
Search volume simply means the number of searches made in a search engine. In this case, Google is the search engine considering its popularity and being the widely used search engine. Google keyword search volume is measured on the average monthly search. 

Why should Google keyword search volume be determined?

For example, we wanted to use the keyword “keyword research tool”. The search volume of this keyword is about 4,400 per month. This number of potential viewers or visitors is what we need to visit our blog/website. Imagine what this amount of traffic every month could give you. That is what Google keyword search volume is and why it is important. 
Not every keyword is equally potential. There is so much to consider. Google keyword search volume is just one of it. That is why Long Tail Keyword is favored to be more effective. To learn more about long tail keyword, you could read my previous post Blogging Tips: Long Tail Keywords.

Determine Google Keyword Search Volume Free

Now that we already know the importance of knowing volume search of the keywords related to our content, the next thing to do is how are we able to determine the most searched keyword. To be able to determine the Google keyword search volume, you have to use tools that were designed for the job. Unfortunately, not every tool can be used for free. One of the most effective and best of the business is the keyword planner by Google. Most bloggers use this because it really can deliver its promise. However, you have to pay to avail the service (which is very worth it). But do not worry if you do not have the budget for that. Lucky for us, there are few that are free and just as effective and as great. Among these free tools are Ubersuggest by Neil Patel and the other one is the chrome extension Keywords Everywhere.

What I am going to discuss here is about keywords everywhere because I find it very straightforward and easy to use. You just have to install it as a Google Chrome extension and register an API key that will be sent through your email.

Parts of a keyword search

After getting your chrome extension of Keywords Everywhere ready to use, just type in the search bar any word or words that you think will be a good keyword for your blog post. Then, press enter.

But before that you should understand that having the highest number of search could not be the best keyword to use. Here are the variables to consider before using any keyword result:

Volume. It is the number of searches for this keyword per month. We wanted high number for that.
CPC which is the cost per click and it has something to do with how much advertiser pay the publisher so I guess the higher also means better.
Finally, the third one is Competition, usually in decimal. Lower number means lower competition.

Keyword search
See this example? The keyword with the statistics below shows no volume, 0 CPC, and 0 competition. 

Here is how keywords everywhere work. It is very straightforward. After you clicked enter, it shows the search results along with that statistics just below the search bar. Those three variables are the pearl we wanted to get. However, the statistics shows that this is not a good keyword because no one is searching for it.

To determine a good keyword, look for the auto-suggestions by making the search bar active. A list of suggestion together with the needed statistics will appear. You just have to click the keyword of your choice.

keyword search volume

Google Keyword Search Volume

It is just that simple. Install Keywords Everywhere; key-in the API key sent through your email, and Search. However, there’s a lot more to learn about blogging. More complicated stuffs should be learned.
Why are we very concerned with how much traffic we get? I know you know it. Our blogs or website means nothing if no one (just you) is reading it. Moreover, if our goal is for our blogs to make money we should learn these stuffs and more. We need to know how SEO works together with long tail keywords and back links, etc.
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