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How to Get Approved by Google Adsense to Start Making Money

Get approved by Google Adsense to start making money. 

Get Approved by Google Adsense to Start Making Money

It is the goal of most bloggers to get approved by Google Adsense. Why? Because it is a great opportunity to make money while blogging. This  Could be a good source of a passive income.
There are known ways to get approved by Google Adsense but it seems that more bloggers are having trouble with it. I know this dilemma since I got trouble upgrading my Google Adsense account. It took me ten months to finally able to show ads in my blog. That is why I wrote this post. I will share what I learned from that experience. However, I have made just 7 USD from then. But I will not discuss how I made improvements in the earnings in this post. I will make a separate post about it.

What is Google Adsense? 

Google Adsense is a program being run by Google. It is used to show advertisements on a website where the publisher to monetize his/her blog. Adsense is the easiest way to earn money using your blog.

Why apply for Google Adsense? 

Since monetizing from blog is a big opportunity on earning passively, almost all bloggers apply for adsense.

Why does your blog don’t get approved by Google Adsense?

The following are the usual reasons why your Google Adsense application got rejected.

 1. Your content is not enough (Insufficient Content)

Google is very specific in this department. If your blog does not have enough content, it will instantly get denied. Low content blogs could not be approved because advertisements need views. Blogs with insufficient content will not have good amount of page views, thus will not give exposure to the advertisers.
Blog with little content will not rank high in search engines making it hard to market a product. 

2. Poor Design of your blog

The design of your blog also plays an important role to get approved. It should be well laid out and designed. Your blog got denied due to unprofessional look and the difficulty in navigation. This is one of the reasons why my blog didn’t get the approval right away.  

3. No Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition, About Us, and Contact Us pages

These legal pages are very important so that everything is clear to the viewers. Google wanted to make sure that there will be no misunderstanding between the viewers and the blogger, as well as with their team and the advertisers.
If you don’t have these pages, I suggest you make them available in your blog.

4. Non-compliance with Google Adsense Policies

I think it is very natural to follow their policies. If the policies are not followed, then your site will never get approved to display ads.
What does Google Adsense look for in a blog?  

1. Simple 

2. Clean 

3. User-friendly/easy to navigate 

There should be ease of navigation in the page. No misleading links or buttons is a must. One of the things you have to do is to have just some menu and sub menus that are easy to understand. There should be no complications in the procedure before you move from pages to pages. Users must be able to click through easily on your pages and should find the information they needed.
What they want to see here is the simplicity of the way to navigate in the entire blog.

4. Unique niche/detailed content 

When we say unique, it should be unique. There are many niches that are easy to pick because of the demand from people or potential viewers. However, there are so many blogs or sites that are in these niches. Some of which are Lifestyle, Blogging, Travel, Health and Wellness/Fitness, etc. Google may not approve your blog if it is in those niches due to excessive number of publishers in such fields. Imagine the Law of Supply and Demand in this situation.  

5. No “unwanted” widgets 

When applying for Adsense, make sure you do not have any ads in your blog/site. Google want you to advertise solely with Adsense (as much as possible). But do not worry because once you got their approval, you can actually add other ads or affiliate links. Just be sure that these ads are compatible with them. 

Getting informed with these things, you should now proceed to know the things for your blog to get approved by Google Adsense to strat making money.

Get Approved by Google Adsense to Start Making Money

How to get approved by Google Adsense 

Time is not really a factor when applying for Adsense. What I mean is, regardless of how old your blog was it is still the contents that matter. Some blogs get approved after six months of blogging, while others spend a year or even two years. But there were also bloggers who got their sites approved even its just one-day old. See, age of the blog is not really a factor here.  However, if you use blogger and have this (dot)blogspot extension, you might have to consider some time. Google Adsense usually approve blogspot sites that are at least six months old.
Content, of course, is just one element you need to take into considerations. There are other factors you must consider. Make sure to follow their guidelines as well. Here are the things on how to get approved by Google Adsense. Making money with it is just another story. Focus on getting approved first.  

 1. Sufficient and High Quality Content

Since content is the top priority, a blogger should write a post with the purpose of providing information. Focus on the idea that we create a blog post not just to get approved or make money but because we want to share some knowledge to our readers. It should start from our sincerity to deliver what is needed or expected from our blog.

How many posts is enough? 

To make sure that your blog will be easily approved, have at least 20 quality posts. Fifteen blog posts might do it if the length of each posts contain 2500 to 3000 words. 

It is a must to have enough and high-quality content. Make sure that you write a high-quality blog post every time. When we say high quality content, we refer to the following:
  • originally written/unique– you can use plagiarism checker (free). There should be no duplicate content out there in the web. 
  • properly laid out– meaning with the use of headings and subheadings, as well as bullets or numbers 
  • no grammar and spelling mistakes – Make sure that you proofread your posts so that no grammar/spelling mistakes are present
  • enough length with useful information – Usually, it is advisable to have contents with at least 1,000 words. However, because most bloggers are well informed that longer posts are better, a post should be at least 1,500 words these days. 

 2. Complete pages (Privacy Policy, terms and Conditions, About us page, Contact us page)

Prepare pages like Privacy Policy, Terms, About, and Contact. If you are not familiar with these pages, let me discuss them to you. During my application, I got some difficulty on what should I put in the Policy and Terms Pages.

Privacy Policy

Here is where you place your policy regarding the user’s privacy data. Discuss how you use the information you gather like their email address and name. State here also the use of cookies. 

Terms and Condition

The rules wherein one must agree so that he can use the website. You can state here your conditions and copyright. Explain briefly that every articles and images are owned by you and should not be used without written request. If there are other conditions you wanted to say, then place them all here. 

About Page

You can describe your blog here. Tell something about the concept behind the blog, the logo, etc. You could also introduce yourself.

Contact Us Page

A page where you can provide your contact details like email address or contact number as well as social media pages. You can also use forms and plugins for this purpose. 

 3. Make it professional-looking 

The site should have a top level domain name. The layout design of navigation (menu) should be user friendly fast loading.

Top level domain should be considered. Crazy domain names with unnecessary extensions should be avoided as much as possible.

The load speed is also critical because most visitors do not wait for slow loading pages. Time is important in the digital age.

4. Working links

Be sure that every links and pages in your blog are working. Try them all before submitting your Google Adsense application. Most common link error is the 404 error.
 404 error means that the page you were trying to reach on a web page could not be found on the server.

5. Provide your name

The blog/site must be with credibility. In this case, you should provide your true name in your application and in the site so that Google can confirm your identity. It is important for you to know that only one Adsense account is allowed for every person.

6. Remove other ads

Before submitting the application, remove unnecessary widgets and Ads. Google makes sure that their advertisers could get the best chance of getting advertised. 

7. Refrain from using illegal traffic sources

Your blog should have decent amount of traffic. It will not get approved if the traffic is to small. However, fake traffic and illegal sources could ruin your application. Even after approval, it is a BIG “NO”.

8. Follow Google Adsense Policies

There is a bunch of policies that you have to comply if you want to get approved by Google Adsense to start making money and work well with them.
The following are the basic policies you should know: 
  • No Adult/Mature Content
  • You should prove your ownership of the site/blog
  • Do not place the their link on pages with little or no content
  • Refrain from linking with bad links

Here are the Complete Google Adsense Policies.

Bonus Tip:

 Things you should not do after getting approved:

  • Never ever click ads on your own blog
  • Do not request others to click ads on your blog
  • Do not use bots or paid traffic/impressions
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