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Blogging Tips: Long Tail Keywords l BIZY IDEA

What is Long Tail Keywords

We always hear or read about long tail keywords. Every website that talks about Search Engine Optimization tells something about long tail keywords. Is it really worth the time and effort to understand how long tail keywords work? The answer is a big YES.

During the early days of my blogging career, I find it difficult to drive traffic to my website. The only thing that generates organic traffic to my site is when I share the link to FB groups and communities. Groups and communities like these are a huge boost to organic traffic. However, if I wanted to drive traffic to my site with less effort, I have to learn and immediately apply long tail keywords to my blog posts. I could then use more effort and time to focus in creating good quality content.

What is a keyword?

Before diving in directly to long tail keywords, let us first understand what is a keyword and how does they work. Keywords are words that best represent any idea or topic you are trying to discuss or sell. They are the words people tend to look for when hitting the search button. It means that these words are your key to pull viewers towards your page or blog.
One word that is the main focus of your post or article defines what a keyword is. Using a keyword is a no brainer in Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses a keyword to rank your blog higher in search engines. To know more about SEO, you could read my previous post.

What is long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are group of words (phrases), usually three or four words that are very specific on what topic you are discussing in your blog. People tend to use phrases that are most likely pin pointed to what they are looking for.
We can create a long tail keyword to use by adding words to a broad keyword. For example, a keyword like “camera”. We add other words to make it more specific. Like we describe what kind of camera we are talking about. Let’s make it “vlogging camera”. Now to make it more exact, we have to think of what kind of vlogging camera might be widely searched. I came up with “best cheap vlogging camera”. You can use blogging tools to easily search for the best possible long tail keywords.

SEO for Blogs: Long Tail Keywords

Why use long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are very important to keep your blog in step with other blogs out there. Using these really specific keywords, help your blog to appear on top when that specific four-word keywords. That the idea behind long tail keywords. However, not every group of three to four words can be used as keywords. I mean, you can use them but it is also important to consider whether people are searching them. What is the use of long tail keywords if no one is searching for them?  
Let’s take our example earlier (camera). It is a very broad keyword. Keywords like this one could be widely searched per month which means you could get these views if you became on top of Google Search. The problem here is that it is a tough mountain to climb. Using one of the blogging tools I use , I was able to know that I have to rearrange my long tail keyword from “best cheap vlogging camera” to “best vlogging camera cheap”. Why did I change the arrangement of the words in my long tail keywords? It is because I have seen that the latter has higher monthly views per month by using a blogging tool.

Criteria of Long Tail Keywords

In using long tail keywords, you have to consider the following criteria.


–keywords should be relevant to your niche or traffic of course. Search engines like Google is continually changing their algorithm to give viewers the best possible answer to their queries. So, it is really necessary to have a relevant keyword.

Views per month 

– The volume of people searching a certain keyword per month decides the fate of your traffic. Choosing a keyword with the highest possible volume per month is the normal thinking. But we have to consider that as you use very specific keyword such as long tail keyword the volume of views per month gets fewer. Good planning and better understanding of your available long tail keywords could help a lot.


– Great keywords often result to high competition. More volume of views per month attracts more and more sites to rank for it. Ranking high in Google is almost impossible when you use a keyword that has high competition.  This means that you have to choose your long tail keywords that could give you less competition.

Cost-per-Click (CPC) 

– the higher the better (I think). CPC is the cost a publisher is willing to pay for every click. Why do you think they are willing to pay for that keyword?
I believe a good balance of these criteria is the key. Do not sacrifice one criteria for the other. Always remember that the combination of these criteria will create a perfect harmony to your blog.

Long Tail Keywords you can use for different Niche.

      Health and Fitness

detox water for flat belly              1,100     views/month
gym workout for beginners         1,400     views/month
gym workout plan for men          1,600     views/month
how do bloggers get paid             390         views/month
keto diet pros and cons                 2,400     views/month

Self Care

daily self care checklist                480     /month     
depression and anxiety test        2,900    /month
psychological first aid                1,600   /month    
self care routine                             880   /month
why is self care important            880    /month


best vacation spots for couples       2,900    /month
best vacation spots in the us          18,100   /month
best travel destinations                    2,400    /month
Always remember that using long tail keywords and following SEO for blogs is not a one punch knockout. It takes time. Be patient and reap the fruits of your labour through time.
If you think this is helpful, please share it to others you think might need the learning what is long tail keywords. You can also check other articles that are relevant to this topic. You might want to read these posts.

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  1. I am FINALLY starting the understand the idea of long tail keywords—after nearly 3 years of blogging! There is soooo much to learn that I don’t think I had the capacity for understanding this until I was ready for it—which is right now. Thanks for confirming what I think people have been telling me all along (which to niche-down for better SEO.

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  3. Petra Šranc says:

    You explained really good. Thanks for all the info on long tail keywords

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    Thank you for sharing such great tips on utilizing long tail keywords. I can always use a little extra help in this area!

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