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Steps in Starting a Blog From Scratch

Starting your own blog from scratch

Starting a blog from scratch is just as easy as 1-2-3. However, doing the details needs extra effort. We all know that there’s no such thing as instant when it comes to blogging. Successful bloggers didn’t do it overnight. So if you do not want to commit in starting your own blog from scratch and maintain it, you better not read this post.

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What is a Blog?

Blog, short for blog post is just like any other websites. The difference is that blog focuses on written content. There are different kinds of blogs. Some popular blogs are travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, sports blogs, news blogs, etc.
A blog usually contains images or pictures to show examples and break the monotony. Images added colors and visual appeal to readers. A blog without any image in it looks boring. Readers will leave the page earlier than that of blogs with pictures. 
Persons who make blogs are called bloggers. Bloggers usually write from their perspective in life or in any other topics. They share their learning and experiences through writing. 

If you want to continue, then make blogging a lifestyle.

Basic things needed in starting a blog from scratch. 

1. Niche

Niche is like the topic you discuss in your blog. It is also like the market by which your blog circulates. 

2. Domain and Blog Name

Your domain name is also the name of your website. This is the address where your blog can be accessed by readers. The blog name is the actual name of your blog. You can have a different domain name from your blog name but why would you do it? Your blog name is what readers remember you so there is no reason to have different domain and blog name.

3. Web Hosting

Web hosting is like a place where you put your site to make it accessible online. There are lots of web host provider available. 

4. Content Management System (CMS) or Platform

CMS or platform is a templated website builder. It is made by a company to make building a website easier. Examples are WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, etc.

These four basic things are needed in starting your own blog from scratch. A domain name will serve as your brand or identity. You need a web hosting to make your domain available and accessible. You then need a platform to make a layout of your blog. Finally, the niche will be the focus of your every post.

I think you are now ready in starting a blog from scratch.

Step-by-Step Guide in Starting a Blog From Scratch

Starting a Blog from Scratch

Step 1: Pick a domain name

This is the first thing you should do. Pick a name that you think will best represent your blog. It is not that much of a factor of what your domain name is. However, it could play some kind of a trick in having more traffic in the future. 
You can use your name or your nickname or your favorite fruit but with different spelling. You can actually pick any random word to be your domain name. 

Make it as unique, as short, and as simple as possible. 

Short and simple is one of the best way to make your domain name. When I say short, I mean enough length. You might not want a very long domain name like for example thequickredridinghood.com. Readers could hardly memorize very long domain name. 
Making it unique does not have to sacrifice the simplicity. A unique domain name is easy to remember. Just don’t make it hard to spell.

Use (dot)com extension whatever it takes.

The .com extension is the most popular extension used in a domain. If you use other extensions like .xyz, .site, etc., people might unintentionally visit other sites.  Since .com is the most popular, if a person searched for your blog he/she might enter .com and visit other site instead. Read this post for additional information about .com.

Where to buy a domain name.

You can buy a domain at any hosting company and company selling domain name. One of which is GoDaddy.  You can also have a free domain by purchasing a Web Host like in BlueHost.

Step 2: Get a web hosting

There are many web hosting services available today. The thing is you have to determine a web hosting provider that could give you the best service.

Web host is very critical. A bad web host could ruin your blogging journey. Some of these web hosts could crash when large amount of traffic arrives. Remember that huge amount of traffic going to your blog is what you need. If your website crashed, then you lose the opportunity for your blogging career. You also have to consider how they help their customer. twenty-four hour customer service is an advantage in case some unwanted situation occurs.

I have tried some of web hosting services and I personally suggest BlueHost and you could get it at a special discounted price of $3.95 if you used my affiliate link. I haven’t experienced any crashing of my website (my other website). They also have a great customer service that will help you along the way.

Here’s another option (easier way). Click this BlueHost Affiliate Link. It is an affiliate link. 
Click “Get Started” You will get a free domain name for 1 year.
Enter your desired domain name.
There will be a confirmation of the availability of your domain name. If it is taken, you have to choose a unique domain name.
Enter here your details.


Click submit.

Step 3: Choose a platform

Platform is the website builder that you will be using. You can use wordpress, website builder, wix, etc. You can also use blogger (you may use this if you want a free hosting. Click here for the step-by-step procedure How to Start a Blog with Custom Domain on Blogger).
You can install WordPress in your hosting dashboard.

Step 4: Pick a topic/niche

You can actually decide what niche you want to discuss in your blog even before you started. It doesn’t really matter when to choose a niche. But be sure you choose the niche that you really know about. Be specific as much as possible.
Here’s some of the most popular niche:
1. Lifestyle
2. Travel
3. Heath and Wellness/Fitness
4. Food
5. Tech/Gaming

Step 5: Publish plenty of posts

If you choose a niche that you’re really good at, you will not have hardships in making your first post and each next posts. You need to publish quality blog posts as many as possible. The more the better. You can attract tons of visitors if you have many quality posts.

If you do not have any idea how to make your first blog post you can read my article about Secrets to Writing Your First Blog Post.

Starting your own blog from scratch- pin
These steps are just the basics in starting a blog from scratch. Believe me, there are so much more to learn in blogging. You just don’t run out of new things to learn. Blogging is a long journey. Success is not at the end of the way. It is found along the way. Every learning, every small win is a success. Own it every time you did good. This will drive you motivated and as eager as ever. 
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  3. Engstein says:

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