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Company Logo: A Vital Part of Success

Why should your business have a company logo?

A company logo is a textual and/or visual imagery representation of your business. It gives your business, no matter how big or small, the identity. Logo creates impact to customers. It represents the entirety of the products and services which the company provides.
LOGO is not just a decoration, it conveys message. However, this doesn’t mean that your logo will just be any clip art, image, and text that will tell the story. Keep this in mind. The better the logo, the better the message is being delivered.

What to consider in a logo? 

In choosing a logo for your company there are so many things to consider. The following are the key points you should pay attention to whether you create your own logo or let others do it for you.

The logo should be clean. 

Literally, clean. Most graphic designers carefully inspect their work especially the unnecessary lines or points that were left in the design. These unnecessary marks could make a not so good impression about your business. Who wanted to deal with a company who who doesn’t pay much attention to quality? No one. However, there are logo designs that have small characters that are intentionally included in the design. In such cases, just be sure that these characters should look like that it is actually part of the logo. What I mean is, it should be important enough in the elements of the design so that everyone will easily identify it as part of the logo.

It should be professional. 

Do not include web-grabbed clip arts or images. The quality of a logo could be seen on how the texts or images were put together. There should be relevance and connection between the concept and nature of the company. Most professional logos have a serious theme, in other words “straight to business”. A comic-like logo might not be that professional for your company unless of course that is actually what you business is about. Avoid nonsense tagline or slogan. Be sure that the slogan is correctly spelled and the grammar must be correct.
Do not copy other logos. If your logo seems like any other logo, the classiness  might be lessen.

Message must be clear.

Communication. It is what you have to continually pursue to every potential client. Some messages cannot be explained by words alone. Here is where the logo comes in. It will bridge the gap between you and the world. Not everyone knows your company especially those who are just browsing the internet. They will not get interest in you if your logo do not connect the message to potential clients.
I would advise your logo to be straight to the point. Even if you wanted an abstract logo you can still be straight on the message by adding some description below the logo itself. But make sure that it does not over power the logo.

Should represent what you offer.

This might be tricky. The logo of your company should incorporate the services or products that you offer but don’t include the actual image of the product. Yes, that might sound weird, you might be thinking how could I incorporate the product if I am not allowed to put it in the logo? Actually, you can but I would not recommend it. So how can you do it? It is by incorporating symbols or representation of the product or how the product is unique. Example is if a cosmetic product says its organic, you will not put a decomposing matter. What you may put is sprouting leaves to show the gentleness and safety of the product (by the way the leaf is also organic), or a drop of something like extract of a flower, etc. See, you go beyond. We do not put the lipsticks or powders in the logo but the essence of the product being organic. 

It Should have the “X” Factor.

There are beautiful graphic designs and logo that are great to look at. They have perfect at all points. However, there is something missing from it. Well, its good to have a good-looking logo but your company needs some attention to get customers. Power is needed. We call it the “X” factor, the Swag, and the kick. It’s something we can’t easily place on the logo design. It needs passion. I believe it comes from the business itself. The truthfulness the company offers reflect to the personality of the design. This is why we also need an expert eye to look at it. At a glance, they could tell you exactly what your logo needs. 

Matching colors.

Colors represent your business. Different colors have their own meaning and characteristics. Wrong choice of color to your logo could ruin everything that you aim for. It is very critical what color you choose. Here are some guides about different colors and the personality they represent (according to Psychology).
RED– shows energy, passion, ambition, action, and determination.
ORANGE- Social communication and optimism (could also mean the opposite).
YELLOW- Color of the mind and intellect.
GREEN- The color to represent balance and growth. Self-reliance.
BLUE- the color of trust and peace. 
PURPLE- the color of imagination and creativeness.
With this, we could have the idea of what color should represent our company or business. We analyze the business. Identifying the strengths of the company and how could we translate this into character. Then, we choose the color that fits this character. We could also decide the color first based on the impression we want to build and use it as the color scheme of the company.
In logo design, we need some combination of colors to make it more alive. You could always use black and white for a safe one. If you chose a color try using a complimentary color to back it up. Also try different shades of the color, try lighter or darker. It is up to you as the owner of the company on what color you choose. Just remember to consider the advice I discussed earlier.

Different Types of Logo

1. LETTERMARK LOGO- logo made of letters will it be initials or abbreviation
2. WORDMARK lOGO- made of words or actual name of the brand
3. PICTORIAL LOGO- made of icon or symbols without the name
4. ABSTRACT LOGO- made of unique abstract forms to represent the business
5. COMBINATION LOGO- it is a logo made by combining wordmark with lettermark, pictorial, abstract, or mascot
6. EMBLEM LOGO- logo made of words enclosed inside a symbol or a shape
7. MASCOT LOGO- a logo made of characters that act as a representative of your business

Logo Types Visual
Credit to LOGO STORY by Peper. If you want to check his logo designs and
 wanted to have your own visit his FB Page here or message us.
Getting inspiration is very different from copying. Think of your own design by getting inspirations on the logo you actually like. Most graphic designers create their representation of your business based on what you want/need. Provide them with a design brief and explain how you want it to look like. 
Be original. This, by all means, could show the professionalism of your company. Remember that LOGO represents your business as a whole. Use it to your advantage.

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