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How to Start a Blog With Custom Domain on Blogger

How to start a blog: Domain Name 

How to Start a Blog with Custom Domain on Blogger
Actually, there are easy steps for you to start your own blog. You just have to think of a blog name and a blogging platform. There are ways on how you could get a domain name. The first one is to get a domain name from a paid provider like GoDaddy. They offer promos in purchasing a domain name with them. The other way is to use a free domain name from Blogger. But I would not recommend this due to some disadvantages that we will discuss later on this post.
Obviously, you want your domain name to be similar with the blog title you wanted. However, some domain names were already used by other bloggers making them unavailable for you to use. You could still go for this name but this will cost you a lot of money and we don’t want it. Here’s what we can do. First option is to add numbers like 143, 214, 111, etc. but it is not advisable because it doesn’t really add appeal or value to your site. Another option is by adding your location in the domain name. For example you want tyudorials.com but it’s already being used by other blogger, you could use tyudorialsph.com instead (ph for Philippines). With this, you  are adding valuable information to the name because you are telling that you are from this particular place and you are different from the other one.If this doesn’t work for you, there is the last option. You could use other domain extensions like .INFO, .NET, .ONLINE. You should only use this if you have no other choice. Because you could lose page views when the reader mistakenly typed the .COM one.

Disadvantages of using free domain name.

Now, let me share with you the disadvantages of using free domain name provided for example by blogger in starting a blog. Domain name is the first thing to consider on how to start a blog because it gives you the identity. So here are the the disadvantages of free domain name:

It makes your domain name longer.

Our goal in choosing a name is to make it as short as possible. Shorter names are most likely to be remembered easily. By using free domain name, there will be additional word like for example yourBlogname.wordpress.com. Retention to the reader is too low and could create some confusions. People are likely to be won’t remember your long website name in making a search.

Looks unprofessional.

People look for a professional looking sites. From the appearance of the website to the features and others. But most importantly, they read the name of your domain. Professional-looking websites uses a custom name. They pay for it exactly because of this. 
You might say content is more important than just a domain name. Yes, that is true but that would require diligent work to achieve the reputation of being a professional in what you are writing about. Since you’re still starting a blog, it could help you during the early part and in the long run.

It gives the impression of being untrustworthy.

Sorry for the term, but it is true. People kinda feel a website or a blog with this name extensions (.WORDPRESS.COM or .BLOGSPOT.COM) because they think that the site is just a “fake” article particularly in niche sites. I’m not telling you that this providers are untrustworthy, what I’m telling you is this is what people think of. When you use a paid name with a .COM extension, readers feel comfortable and they believe in what you are conveying them. And that’s what you want. You want your readers to trust you, to believe in you so that they come back to site for more articles.

How to start a Blog: Hosting

The next step is finding a hosting site. There are a lot of hosting sites but let us focus in using Blogger for this one. Why should we use Blogger instead of a paid hosting service? Simply because we want to make a blog with minimal cost of expense (i.e. we only pay for the domain name because blogger is free). 
There are advantages and disadvantages in here. I believe a paid hosting and a free one is equally awesome but for this article I chose to give pointers regarding the free hosting by Blogger.com. Basically because I don’t want to spend much on starting a blog. 


More work required.

In my experience, as I have a paid hosting website and a blogger website, using blogger requires more work in terms of setting up for the first time. The back end is not that user-friendly unlike with the paid counterpart. But, I think no matter what hosting you use, there will be things to do. So, I think its not that much of an issue here because once you already set this up, little updates are just required as time goes by.

It does not have available plugins.

As what I have said using blogger requires a lot of work. This is basically because of unavailability of a plugin. Plugin is available in WordPress and its objective is to help website administrators without coding skills in running their website or blog. 
I find it hard on Blogger when I want to add something to my site and I cannot use a plugin because there is no plugin available unlike in my other website. But I make use of other things like Google Search and Youtube.  


It is Free.

This is what we want. A free hosting site will save you from paying every year just to run your blog. Whether you plan to blog full time or just for a hobby, I advise to use a free one when it comes to hosting service. You don’t spend much and you surely can continue as long as you want.

Blogger.com is from Google.

Blogger is owned by Google, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, search engine. I believe this is an advantage when it comes to Google search. You are running on a platform owned by Google. Isn’t that great? There must be an advantage there. I also believe that it should work smooth with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Google Adsense. There is something in common between them. So in theory, they work well hand and hand with each other. 

How to start a Blog: Quick steps

Starting a blog needs patience and determination. No doubt about it, it’s how things work. There is no overnight success. If you are determined, you could do all things possible.
Hardwork Quotation

Here is how to start a blog with custom domain name on Blogger.

Step 1: Get a domain name.

Go to GoDaddy.com, create an account. After that type the domain name you want in the search box. Remember what I’ve said about choosing the name. Click search. See whether it is still available. Then buy the domain name. 

Step 2: Create a blogger account.

Make your account on blogger. Create a blog by clicking “New blog”. You will be asked for a title and an address (URL). This is the free domain name we discussed earlier. Don’t worry, just type your domain name. Then you will choose a theme. Click “Create Blog!”. You have your blog now.

Step 3: Link the two together.

Go to Settings > Basic >Publishing. Change the address by clicking Third Party Domain. Type in the custom domain name you purchased. You will need to put this in your domain control panel. Please also tick the Redirect Name.COM to www.Name.COM at the bottom part in the image.
Link Blogger to Custom name
Inside your domain control panel, you need to place that two in the DNS settings.
The CNAME from Blogger was added just like in the image (1). Then add 4 more like that of the image (2). A @, A @, A @ and A @ Then finally click save. You need to wait several minutes to several hours for the action to have result. 
That is pretty much it on how to start a blog using custom domain on Blogger. Now, you can customize the Blog with the theme and the layout you want. You can make your articles and publish them. 



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    For me i think blogger is the best CMS platform to start a blog because you can start a blog in a minimum capital. And also when ranking a blog, content is king! meaning platform doesn't make a difference

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    Absolutely. Plus the fact that blogger is owned by Google. I believe there is a good thing to it. Thank you Paul for your comment. Please subscribe to get the latest posts from Bizy Idea.

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