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Blogging Tips: Best Blogging Tools for Beginners


One of the blogging tips I usually read is to use the best blogging tools. So I made my research. Luckily, I found some effective tools that really helped me a lot in my blogs.

There are different blogging tools for beginners you could use and might find effective. For me, the following blogging tools make it easy for me.


Pexels is a free photo stocking website that I find very useful. Most of the images in this website came from pexels. You can find almost any image you could possibly need. Because of this, I have a great resource of images that I might need. The only disadvantage in using stock photos is that it is also available to other people. They also have the access and the privilege to use the exact same photo that you use. In return, your website could look like the other sites. 
Here’s what I do to resolve this issue. I open the image in Photoshop and add some text in it. I also add other colors and I decrease the opacity just to make the image a little different.

2. CANVA.  

Just like pexels, canva is free. If you can’t afford Adobe products like PS, go to Canva and design your Instagram post/story, pinnable images, brochures, etc. Using canva is very easy. You just visit the site, then create an account. After that, you can start making layouts. 
In canva, you could use an existing layout or template or create a new one. Exact image dimensions for a certain purpose is already made by canva when using an existing template. You just click to the portion or object you want to edit. Click the text if you wanted to change it or resize it. You could add image if you want to. 
I use Canva particularly in my pins because it is so easy, you could do a single pinnable image in just 2 to 3 minutes.


Yoast is a WordPress plugin which will guide you in the structure of your every posts. This make sure that your article is SEO ready. You will decide what will be your keyword by typing it in a box that says keyword. There will then be remarks on which you should improve to rank high for SEO. I find it very helpful for me particularly when I’m new to the term SEO. 
In addition, this plugin also checks for readability. The plugin will tell you through the remarks the areas for improvement. It will tell if the structure of your article has more passive voice than the recommended, whether it has too many words for a sentence and/or paragraph, as well as the quantity of words in the article as a whole, and many more.


Website speed is very critical in blogging or in your business website. People leave a website with slow page load up. So a fraction of a second slower website will most likely be closed right away.
One of the main reason in slow page loading is the size and amount of images in your website. We can do nothing about the quantity as this is the amount of images we actually need. What we can do is to shrink the size of our webpage by using this plugin to compress the images in the blog. TinyPNG could compress the images by 40-60 percent.This is free for all users. 


Among these tools Photoshop is the only paid tool I use. I use Canva for most of my IG posts and Pinterest pins but I still use Photoshop for the images I post along with every article. This is because I can do more with the image. I can add different layers and manipulations that I want. It is very handy for me as I know the basics of Photoshop. Having this tool makes it easy for me to enhance my own images and images I downloaded from free stock photos.


This is a website that helps me in deciding on what keyword is highly searched and easy to rank with. I discovered it in watching youtube videos regarding blogging tips. To give you an idea about it, let me give you some description. 
Ubersuggest is an app to look for the best keyword you can use. The previous version requires payment for other functions. But now, with the new owner who purchased it, all functions are free to use. If you want to try it as well click here.
Just type in the search box the topic you wanted to make an article with. Then change the language /country accordingly and click search. The competitiveness of the word you type will appear. A list of keywords related to that word you typed in will also appear with other important stats.


GTMetrix is what I used the speed of my website. It will show you how fast your page is in terms of seconds, your page size, and the issues for improvement. It also shows vital statistics that you need to improve the website speed.


I use social media to promote my website. It is an obvious way to get traffic to your blog. Everyone (almost) uses a social media account. 
I believe you know what social media is, so I will not define it anymore. You also know what are the different social media accounts but let me share with you what helps me get the most of my traffic.

Mix. Formerly Stumble Upon. It is the fastest way to get a page view. Almost automatic after you share the blog page. However, it sometimes lead to higher bounce rate.

Pinterest. Another great way to share your post is pinterest. It is like Google just more of image search. Creative minds use this to have inspiration. So the chance of getting a page view is high. When you save pins regularly, you gain more unique monthly viewers which is basically the ones seeing your pins that will hopefully click to visit your site.
Facebook. Of course, FB. Who doesn’t own an FB account? I believe it is one that has the largest  number of user. Most of this users will likely visit your blog. However, if you are selling a product or you do affiliates, these users are not that type of viewers that will click the buy button. 
Instagram. It is insanely easy to use just like FB. It is very useful if you have lots of amazing photos to gain followers. It is better than FB so it should be written on top of FB. 
Twitter. You should share your link or should I say tweet your link every now and then because the tweets are more likely to be gone easily. It doesn’t stay forever unlike in FB.
Reddit, Quora, and other forums. They are very useful avenue to get great amount of traffic. You could also get a specific question that you can answer in a form of blog post.


I find Google Analytics very useful to have a glimpse of how many page views and impressions are your site getting. I always find blogging tips that include google analytics in them. It is obviously useful. You could answer it yourself.


I use this WordPress plugin so that my readers could share my post. I can also use these buttons to share my own articles.
Those are the best blogging tools for beginners that I use in my websites. I know you use some of them and you probably use some other tools for your own blog. Please share in the comment any other blogging tools you are using and how would you recommend them. You could also share some blogging tips that made you successful.

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  1. thrishula says:

    I’m an old school yoast user, recently tried Ink for All. Have you guys tried using this app? Totally into this tool!

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