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War Robots Update: The Awaited Latest Version

War Robots Update is finally here!

War Robots update was already released and most gamer (s) (if not all) were enjoying more than ever. However, some issues were still present.

War Robots was first released on April 2014. Since then, there are lots of updates. War Robots updates almost regularly. The latest from which is the War Robots version 4.2 or the Workshop Rebuild. Of course, it features the changes in the workshop.

War Robots V4.2
This War Robots version was bulked up by the Workshop 2.0 wherein the accumulated points from the previous workshop were translated into equivalent black market keys. The equivalent of one (1) key is five (5) WSP.

So what’s new in the version 4.2?

Here’s the new War Robots Update.

  • Workshop 2.0 wherein you can build what you want to have.
  • New Weapons such as Halo (light), Glory (medium), and Corona (heavy) wherein you can sneak behind and lock-down.
  • New Clan Ranking System

Workshop 2.0

In this version of workshop, it shows complete difference from the previous version. Silver (Ag) is used to build robot and weapon components.
War Robots Workshop 2
For example, you would want to build a carnage. What you have to do is tap the produce button of carnage. The amount inside the produce button is the cost for every 100 components. Waiting time is 15 minutes. 
All you have to do is just wait. Of course you need silver, lot’s of it actually. After you completed the 10K components, alas, you have your new robot. Take note that higher quality robots and weapons cost more silver for every 100 components.

New Weapons


    – It is a light slot weapon that is very deadly in close range battle.


   – It is a medium weapon system which immobilizes and is very deadly in close range battle


    – It is a heavy weapon which immobilizes and is also very deadly at close range.

Clan Ranking System in the Latest War Robots Update

The new Clan Ranking System replaces the first classification based on activity points. From now on, the ranking of clan members not only reflects the quantity of play, but also quality level of play. Every game you finish will affect your clan’s score. When you receive a league mark, your clan will also receive a small bump. If you lose it, the rank of clan will also slightly decrease.
You get (and you will lose more points if you are in higher league), plus your contribution to the clan’s rank will multiply if you are fighting with clan mates in the same match. Your clan will grow faster if you reach higher league with your clan mates.
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